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When it comes to bespoke WordPress website design, we have you covered. We create your website from the ground up. We build it, optimise it, make sure it’s mobile-friendly, and ensure that it increases business for your company.

As a team of expert WordPress website designers, we specialise in building a website that meets your unique business objectives and focused goals. From routine search engine optimisation to a blazing fast website; we perform the heavy lifting upfront so you can enjoy a nice, clean website that delivers results.

Our team does this by creating an individualised strategy for your business. This strategy allows you to manage and edit your website and its content as your business evolves. Or, if you’d like us to handle that, then we can with our extensive support packages – if you have something in mind just let us know and we will endeavour to help.

Let’s look at the benefits of having a fully-functional, professional website:

You will always be open. Do you have any idea of the overhead costs of a 24/7 store? It’s a lot. And even on days that you do not make a sale, your overhead costs will still be running.

A website that operates well will give your business the avenue to generate leads and sales, even while you are asleep. All you need to do is deal with it when you wake up.

You will have a national and global reach. How many businesses can say that they can transact with clients or customers outside of the country? In fact, the UK is one of the most popular destinations for cross-border purchases, especially from the United States and China.

A website breaks geographical barriers. Brick-and-mortar stores can’t reach a customer halfway across the world, living within a 12-hour (or more) time difference; a website can. Think of the possibilities this will bring to you.

You can now compete against larger businesses. When a customer sees your website, and it is done in an eye-catching and professional design, you are already competing against much larger businesses. It instantly increases your credibility. It gives them the idea that you are someone they can trust.

You have concerns and we completely understand that.

Any smart business owner would look at all possible angles of a venture before jumping and taking that risk.

Leave the details to us:
We will build your website from the ground up

We understand if building websites is unchartered territory for you. The good thing is that we have the map to help you navigate these waters.

Partnering with the right WordPress web designers and developers means you will get a professional and bespoke website that converts leads to sales.

With the Harrison Mann team on the job, you will not get an online equivalent of a brochure. You will get a website that will meet your unique business objectives and focused goals, all while still being appealing to the eyes.

If you have not partnered with a site developer before, we understand that you do not know the right questions to ask, and even if you do have a list of questions, you wouldn’t know if you have the right answers or if you were just given a flurry of empty adjectives.

Like we said, we have the map for this.
Instead of bombarding you with technical jargon, let us show you the results you will get when you work with us:

The Best Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) allows a website owner to create and modify the content of the website. WordPress is the most popular CMS out in the market right now, with more than 70 million users worldwide. This is our go-to CMS.

We understand that managing and learning a new system can be a cumbersome process. It is our goal to make the management process of your website a little easier. That is why we use WordPress. It’s versatile, search engine friendly, easily customisable, and easy to manage.

With WordPress’s ease of use in play, this makes the transition period much easier when our clients are ready to update and manage their site on their own.

If you still need support after completion of the site, we also offer several support packages. These include, but are not limited to, content and blog management.

Lightning-Fast Speed

You can pepper a website with all the bells and whistles, but it doesn’t mean anything if it runs slowly.

Slow loading webpages is one of the biggest reasons people leave a website. Think about the last time you visited a website that was loading at a crawling pace. Did you stick with it or leave and go to a competitor site?

The percentage of visitors who enter your site and then go to a different website, as opposed to continuing to view your other pages, is called a bounce rate. High bounce rates are detrimental to search engine success, as well as your own financial success.

The ideal loading time for a webpage? Two seconds.

Retail giant Amazon, in fact, reported an increase in revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds of site speed improvement.

On top of that, Google is now factoring in site speed in its ranking algorithm. A faster site could mean better visibility across the web.

See how we were able to achieve 98/100 on the Google Page Speed score on both mobile and desktop for our website, and increase leads by over 57% after this.

Content That Converts

You own the company, you run it, you deal with your team, you handle day-to-day tasks, and you sort any possible problem. What if you don’t have time to write the content for your website?

We will take that worry off your hands, as we offer to provide on-site copy that would not only engage your targeted traffic but also convert them.

Most people think that design is the be-all and end-all for creating a website. While the design plays a huge factor in site functionality, it is not the only factor. Content also plays a huge part.

We will ask you all the right questions; your target audience, your customers, how they think, how they behave, how they interact. We will make sure to get a good grasp of your industry, and then produce content that will deliver your message effectively.

Properly Coded Websites

Think of coding as the backbone of any website. With no proper coding, your website will not be able to stand, walk, and run.

Our team of experienced WordPress web designers and developers in the UK knows how to be consistent in design codes – all in keeping with the rules and guidelines for web standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium.

We use the most up-to-date standards to ensure websites will stand the test of time and load very quickly. We test for errors and make sure your website displays properly on any internet browser on any given device.

From routine search engine optimisation to a blazing fast website, you can count on our team to perform the heavy lifting for you, so you can enjoy a nice, clean website that delivers results.

Responsive Website

You have noticed the rise in usage of smartphones and tablets, especially when transacting online. In fact, two-thirds of small businesses in the UK believed that their mobile sales would increase in 2016, and that trend would continue in the years to come.

Other than your sales, mobile-friendly websites are also favoured by Google’s algorithm. It will help your rankings, giving you better chances of being seen by customers.

Statistics show that 57% of customers will not recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site. Even worse, around 40% switched to a competitor when their mobile experience wasn’t up to par.

Your customers and clients are the main reason why we create responsive design. We want them to find you, whether they use their desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Standard Search Engine Optimisation

With our services, you already have the advantage of getting a head start in your search engine visibility.

We perform standard on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) at no additional cost. This exclusive service will provide a solid foundation for you, allowing you to rank for keywords in popular search engines.

The ability to be found in search engines is crucial. SEO is a powerful tool that continues to help business owners gain targeted leads and maximise earning potential. If you hire our WordPress agency services in the UK, we will show you how we’ve helped hundreds of businesses achieve online success.

Websites which convert

Imagine walking into a grocery store with unlabelled aisles.

Even worse, the order of the aisles does not make sense. The toiletries are sitting next to the produce aisle, conflicting products share the same shelf, and the usual grab-and-go products (e.g. milk) are at the back of the store.

Web design is more than just putting together a set of features and photos that look appealing. A designer, be it an agency or a freelance WordPress designer, who is worth their salt knows how to organise the design in a way that would meet a business’s goals. Calls-to-action are strategically placed, and your site’s content well-organised.

Harrison Mann is a full-service web design agency that focuses on user-centred design. We are up-to-date with current design trends, guaranteeing you a bespoke and visually-appealing design.

Our team also offers Shopify and Woocommerce e-commerce websites. These are must-haves if you plan on implementing an online store. We ensure your website is fully-equipped for online sales. Some of the benefits of e-commerce include:

  • Overcoming geographical limitations (sell globally).
  • Sell your products and services 24/7, even while you sleep.
  • Lower cost – no expensive rents.
  • Targeted communication.
  • Comparison shopping.

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We build websites by building trust with our clients

For us, building your website is not just a matter of having another client to work with or another project to complete.

We understand that you also trust us with your business.

As such, we make sure that every client we work with is in the loop of every stage of the project, guaranteeing transparent work and assurance that we are doing what we agreed upon.

Our clients’ satisfaction is on the top of our priority list.
And we have the following people to attest to that:

“We heard of Richard and his team through referral of a colleague in the industry. He comes highly recommended, and working with him only solidified that. We were immediately impressed with how they handled all our questions. Not only were they able to bring to life our vision, our WordPress website now stands out among our competitors!”

“They truly know the art and science behind building websites. The foresight and extensive knowledge shows with the work and the way they communicated everything with us. As any business owner can attest to, there’s nothing better than knowing you can trust the people you are working with.”

“Harrison Mann was able to create a professional-looking, beautiful, and unique look for our website. Richard made us realise that our site is not just something that we can put up and be done with. It’s actually part of our brand. The Harrison Mann team made our website look and feel like ‘us’ – our team, our business’ mission. From the custom buttons to the theme to the site copies, they really went the extra mile. We have no regrets working with this team and you won’t too!”

“The team at Harrison Mann was fantastic! Richard and his team have a knack for pinpointing what is best for our business. To be honest, we only had a rough idea of how we wanted our website to look. We were total beginners! But working with this team made us feel more assured that there is an expert hand guiding us all through it. They had our site built on time and the price is definitely worth it. From beginners, we are now able to manage our own website. Would definitely recommend their service!”

“I can’t even begin to describe just how happy I am with my experience with Harrison Mann. Richard and his team turned an idea in my head into a reality. I don’t even know how they were able to do that, but they did and I am really grateful. This team has an amazing eye for detail. Their speedy response to our emails made us feel that they were always there to provide answers whenever we needed it. Our website has now provided a lot of exposure to our business and we are definitely reaping the rewards of it. This is an amazing team and, if you are still thinking twice enlisting their services, then you will miss out. Highly recommended!”

Proven results

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

We believe that websites are major business tools.

Harrison Mann creates well-designed websites that are visually appealing. We pride ourselves on creating a stunning website that is not just unique to your business, but will also grab the attention of your target audience.

However, for a site to have a true and lasting impact, it does not start and stop at the visuals.

More Than the Visuals, We Build Sites That Convert

A website also needs a proper set-up to convert new leads. A truly great website is an avenue to help increase your business and allow your company to grow.

The appearance of a site is just one important aspect that we deliver. We have a proven track record of building sites that create business growth.

From our perspective, if your website isn’t creating growth, it simply isn’t doing its job. Many of our competitors lose focus of this important detail. They are often all about the visual characteristics of the site and aren’t necessarily strong at creating a site that converts.

We Build Websites That Will Help You Reach Business Goals

Our team of expert WordPress website designers has years of experience to back up our work.

Years of being in the business have taught us that our clients and our team both need to be on the same page to achieve success in our projects. Tell us what you need, and we will help your vision come to fruition.

What are your objectives? What are your goals?

We specialise in building a website that meets your unique business objectives and focused goals. Let us know how you envision this and we will build a site where you can enjoy the results it delivers.

We Help Transition Website Management to Your Hands

We don’t just create a website and hand it over. It is important to us that you understand how to manage all levels of your site once it is in your hands.

What makes us different is that we take the time to make sure you have a firm grasp of how to properly maintain your new site.

Do you need to update your pages? Do you need to upload new content? Do you need to move certain elements on your homepage?

We give a basic WordPress design tutorial should you need it. We will make sure that you understand how these are properly done, so you can manage your website in the future.

We Will Give You Your Own Individualised Strategy

Made up of expert freelance WordPress developers in the UK and around the world, our team achieves our goals by creating an individualised strategy for your business.

This strategy allows you to manage and edit your website and its content as your business evolves. Or, if you’d like us to handle that, then we can with our extensive support packages – if you have something in mind, just let us know and we will endeavour to help.

When it comes to bespoke WordPress website design, we have you covered.

We will create your website from the ground up. We will build it, optimise it, make sure it’s mobile-friendly, and that it will increase business for your company.

Ready to discuss your project?

Our process, your gain

At Harrison Mann, we understand that your time is just as valuable as any other resource that you invest in your business.

As such, we have made it a point to create a WordPress website building process that will deliver results in a timely manner.

We do not compromise the quality of our work for the sake of a fast turnaround, but we also do not take an unreasonable amount of time to the detriment of your business ROI.

Our website development services include:

  • Website design.
  • Web development.
  • Shopify e-commerce sites.
  • WordPress sites.
  • Microsites.
  • Mobile and responsive sites on all websites as standard.
  • Starter packages for start-up businesses.
  • Lead generation sites to increase your sales.
  • PPC landing page design.

Every website we develop is unique, guaranteeing you that your website will reflect the personality and the needs of your business.
To achieve this, we follow our 8-step process below:

1. Brief

Whichever form of communication you are comfortable, be it speaking over the phone or meeting in person, you can rest assured that our team will ask you all the right questions.

Tell us about your goals. Tell us about your ideas. Would you like to generate leads or increase sales? How about improved brand awareness?

No-one knows your business as much as you do, so we will listen and make sure that we have a full grasp of your requirements and how you want your website to look.

2. Proposal Confirmation

Our working relationship will be a two-way road. Once you give us your ideas, then it’s time that we incorporate those with ideas of our own.

Our team will come up with a project proposal that will reflect your vision and objectives for your business.

During this time, you can expect us to work closely with you, ironing out all the important details, such as design preferences, the deliverables, and our project timeline. Would you prefer one of WordPress’s website design templates or would you like us to customise one for you?

You can trust that we will be transparent with every detail, especially with how long the project will take to complete.

Our work will commence once we have received 50% of the project fee.

3. Site Design

With the brief and proposal on hand, our website designers will work hard in translating our ideas into a website that suits your business.

All fonts, colours, and layout will reflect your brand’s identity. We will take into consideration all important factors in creating a site that converts, from the start of your customers’ journey, to mobile responsiveness, to its usability.

We will make sure that you will not just have a site that is appealing to the eyes; it will also function with no errors.

During this phase, we will be in close communication with you as we draw the final mock-up for your design. We will send you constant updates and be proactive in leading the project.

After you have signed off the design we then invoice for another 25% of the project fee.

4. Development

With a final mock-up in place, our team of expert designers will now start building your WordPress website using the content that you’ve given us.

We can also write the content for you should you need it. We will make sure that the contents of your pages will be of high quality, engaging, and will lead readers to necessary calls-to-action.

The mock-up will be revised once, should you see it necessary.

5. Revisions

We understand that business owners want to have the perfect website. Most of our clients are already satisfied with our design at this point, however, we know that you want your site launch (or relaunch) to be perfect for you.

It is for this reason that we provide two (2) rounds of revisions.

Let us know what you would like to change and we will gladly implement those changes.

Your website will be revised twice, should you see it necessary.

6. Site Testing

After implementing the changes that you have requested, our website development team can start testing your website. We will perform functionality tests of your website across browsers as well as its mobile responsiveness.

Any browser on any device, we’ll make sure your website runs on them. We will test all aspects of your website to give a memorable experience for your customers. With a good user experience, your business will benefit from an increase in your site’s engagement.

7. Launch

We will conduct a final site run-through to ensure that your website is error free. With the final approval of the website, as well as receiving 25% of the remaining project fee, we will then launch your website.

8. Support

Once your website goes live, you can still count on our continued support moving forward for 14 days as well as manuals, at an extra cost, if required. All of our website design services come with a 14 day support package so if you have any questions or need help finding something, simply let us know and we’ll help. After this period, we can set-up ongoing support contracts as well as the following:

  • Website maintenance.
  • Hosting.
  • Writing content.
  • SEO.
  • Social media marketing.
  • PPC.
  • Email marketing.
  • Reputation management.
  • Infographics.
  • Graphic design.

Our pricing

This is our core belief when building a website:

A website needs to be both a lead magnet (get people visiting your website) and capable of converting those leads to profitable sales. You shouldn’t be working for your website. Your website should be working for you.

We work with businesses of all sizes – whether you are a start-up or an established business located in multiple locations.

Our WordPress website design and development costs are based on your need and requirements. For a free quote based on your website design project needs, please contact us today.


Let’s make your website happen

Harrison Mann is a full-service WordPress web design company, working with clients throughout the UK, as well as clients in Asia and America. We handle all aspects of website design and development from start to finish.

We are here to help your business.

Let us create a site from the bottom up that fits all of your needs. We deliver an SEO and mobile-friendly site with fast page loads and a stellar design.

Contact us today and let’s start growing your business.

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