Harrison Mann is a full-service digital marketing agency. We specialise in helping businesses grow their online presence and bank accounts through Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, Content Marketing, WordPress and Shopify Website Design, as well as Social Media Marketing and Digital Support Services – each service has a recurring theme; to build up your online reputation, connect you with your potential customers and increase the money that you make online.

We set-up Harrison Mann to offer great services at affordable prices. We are 100% honest in everything we do. In fact, we`re brutally honest. We expect the same from all of our clients, an open and honest relationship. We also try to educate you, as there’s so much clutter online about digital marketing that it`s no wonder most are confused about it all. We tell you everything about our processes, if we outsource work, and our plan to get you successful online. We have no account managers, no fluff, no expensive fancy offices. Just solid results.

Agencies that guarantee fantastic first-page rankings and digital marketing results within weeks cut corners and only attract the gullible, if that`s what you are looking for we are unlikely to be a good match.  We strive to build long-term solutions with long term clients.

I know how important relationships are within digital marketing. That is why we run several Twitter Hours. These chats are aimed at helping SME’s discuss opportunities to increase visitors, leads and sales online. We founded and host six Twitter Hours including: @LeedsHour, @SheffieldHour, @YorkHour, @BradfordHour, @HullHour, and @OurYorkshire. The response has been absolutely phenomenal. We built this from the ground up from no followers to a combined 55,000 followers.

Along with our Twitter Hours, we are pleased to be able to give back to charities. On Twitter, we run a weekly @CharityHourUK for charities across the UK and abroad. We help charities with digital marketing tips and generate awareness through social media.

Our team can assist your business with a wide range of digital marketing services and support packages. We will take the time to discuss your options and proceed with the right course of action.

To discuss your digital marketing requirements just send me an email and we`ll take it from there.

Our Team

Our high-quality digital team is made of specialists who have spent years in the trenches honing their craft. Marketing techniques are always evolving. It is a reason why learning new techniques and self-development never ends. We are always testing and monitoring new strategies and setting up in-house projects to stay on the cutting edge for our clients. We also have a freelancer pool spanning the globe which we can call upon to meet any digital marketing need.




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