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In the UK, over 90 percent of search engine users only click on the first 3 results in Google. With our Local Leeds SEO service we will help you out rank, outperform and outsmart your local competition.


As a consumer, you likely found this page by the power of SEO. If we can rank for difficult keywords in our competitive industry, imagine what we will do for your business.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool that continues to help business owners gain powerful leads and maximise earning potential. Let us show you how we’ve helped hundreds of businesses achieve online success.

Local SEO services in Leeds that increases your ROI. Guaranteed.

If you are looking for an SEO consultant Leeds then you have come to the right place. We specialise in local search – although we can, and have helped numerous companies with both National SEO and E-commerce SEO. With our expert Local SEO knowledge, our team will map out your project to secure your website positioning on popular search engines for years to come. Harrison Mann is one of only a few agencies that can guarantee an increased return on investment. This is because we deliver consistent page-one results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We make sure every client website has the proper SEO architecture to function properly within search engines. This means having the best on-page AND off-page SEO configuration.

HM Tweaks - Marios Clicks Local SEO

Above – example of a local business monthly clicks from Google.

We ensure your website converts your visitors

Potential leads are constantly looking online for local businesses and they’re not just looking on a desktop. Over 30 billion searches appear on mobile phones each year. Twelve billion of those searches are local.

We therefore, as part our SEO service, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly to ensure it is accessible on all devices (Desktop, Tablets and Mobile). Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly is not something we take lightly and now is essential based on Googles recent updates – How Will Googles Mobile Friendly Update Affect Your Website?

Imagine all of the targeted leads landing on your website. The great thing about SEO compared to other lead generation campaigns is that SEO works! A staggering 40 percent of SEO campaigns achieve returns in excess of 500 percent. And it is people searching for YOUR services and/or products, so that they are looking to purchase from you!

Here are just a few areas our Leeds based SEO experts can manage for you:

  • Organic Results (If you want to be on the first page for Hairdressers in Leeds, for example, we can help by building relevant links to your website)
  • Google Map/Local, Yahoo Local & MSN Maps Listings (Get you listed here within the 7-Pack Results)
  • Building reviews and your online reputation to increase trust in your company
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Local Citation Building (Business Directory mentions proven to increase Google Map Listings)
  • Rich Media Citations (Mentions of your website on YouTube, Flickr and other image, video websites)
  • Social Citations (Mentions on Social Media Platforms)
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO (Ensuring your website is 100% optimsed for the keywords your ranking for and building relevant high-quality links to your website)

All of the above basically boils down to two things, proving to Google, Yahoo and Bing that you are relevant to be shown on the first page for your chosen search terms i.e. SEO Leeds or SEO company Leeds. Then showing your potential customers that they should contact you by building customer testimonials that show you to be the most trusted and professional company within your local area for that search.

Why Local SEO is So Important for Local Search, and for your Company.

There are many ways to drive traffic to a website. Local SEO is one of the biggest factors that affect the ranking of a site. We all use search engines to find what we want, and that`s no different when searching for a local business in a town, city or country. If your site isn’t visible on Google, Yahoo or Bing you’re missing out on increased revenue. In fact, if you’re not utilising SEO, you’re practically handing money over to the competition. That’s how important optimising a website is for local search.

Websites need to be well-optimised in order to attain higher rankings in search engines. First page results are important. In the UK, over 90 percent of search engine users only click on the first 3 results in Google. About 25 percent of search engine users click to the second page of search results.

To reach your desired rankings, you need a professional that fully understands search engine algorithms, the constant changes to them and has performed extensive testing with proven results. We know that understanding and taking control of your Local SEO can be a daunting task, however we can help as we have helped rank specific keywords for hundreds of people just like you. We also consistently show up in the organic Google searches, as well as the Local Google Map, Yahoo Local and MSN Maps search results – it`s how we get most of our business!

To rank your website higher for local searches in your city we perform the following strategy.

1. On-site Optimisation and Implementation
2. Local Citation Building
3. Niche directory submission
4. Local Content Marketing
5. Blog Posts on Website’s Blog Section
6. Competitors’ Analysis & New Links Creation
7. Generate Online Review for Google+
8. Social Media Marketing

Outperforming the Competition

We outperform other agencies because we have a keen understanding of keywords and citations for local SEO. This is an area where we’re simply unmatched.

A citation is an online reference such as a mention of your business name, phone number or address. Google uses these citations much like links to a website. We specialise in three specific citations: Local Citation Building, Rich Media Citations, and Social Citations – get them right and you can outrank, outperform and outsmart your local competition.

Local Citation Building to help you rank on Google Maps, Yahoo Local and MSN Maps.

Every campaign is different but we always make sure your business is in the best online directories for your market. Popular online directories we submit to include Yelp, The Yellow Pages, and Yahoo! Local to name a few, as well as directories specific to your business. We also take time to study what your competitors are doing to build local citations within directories. This information is used to understand their strategy and help you get ahead.

Rich Media Citations

These citations include: images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets. Within these rich media sources we include geo-meta data with reputable links and citations that will create higher authority for local search.

Social Citations

Social media is and will continue to be very important in local search. We will deliver beneficial social citations aimed at your business. We carefully create manual submissions in some of the most high-traffic social media platforms. These citations help build authority and trust around your business.

Content Creation is essential to local SEO success!

Our team will study your website’s content. Through substantial keyword research, we will select a set of keywords that fully suit your business, and the searches your potential customers are performing to find the services and /or products your offer.

We will then help craft content and pages which will target local SEO searches, content is vitally important to allow both the search engine’s, who need content to understand where to rank your websites pages for a search, and your potential customers who need content to understand your business, build trust and ensure you can fulfill what they need.

As you can tell by the above we go into great detail when ranking your website. If you were searching for cheap SEO Leeds then we are probably not the people for you. SEO is real investment and so are the possibilities it can do for your business.

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There`s probably been several people searching for your services in your local area today, where were you?

We will research, develop and implement a local SEO strategy that will suit your business aims and objectives. Whether you are looking to improve your local SEO in either one location or multiple locations, we will make sure when someone searches for your products and/or services, you’re the one that appears before for them.

If you are looking for a Leeds SEO agency then contact us today to discuss your Local SEO aims, and see how we can help you out rank, outperform and outsmart your local competition.