Graphic Design

Everything we do is related to how something looks. That might sound shallow, but it`s true isn’t it? Let us help your company create that great first impression with a potential client by making sure they like what they see.


We are able to help with the following graphic design services. With costs starting at £50 per hour we bring our 15 years in graphic design to your company.

Graphic Design Services in Bradford & Leeds

Fresh, vibrant and original design that excites is what’s needed to entice and interest new customers. At Harrison Mann, we have a strong reputation for providing cutting edge graphic design services and we have a team of highly competent, creative and experienced graphic designers who not only love what they do, they also strive for originality.

Our graphic designers can provide the following graphic design services:

  • Stunning company and business brochures
  • Professional annual reports and corporate reports
  • Flyers, booklets and other promotional materials
  • Stationery such as letterheads and business cards
  • Corporate signs and banners for offices, events and exhibitions
  • Newsletters, magazines and other printed literature
  • Logo design and branding continuation/consistency.

We focus on producing designs that are original, relevant and professional to increase the credibility and appearance of your brand.

As part of the creative process, you will meet with our graphic designers so they can learn about your company, ethics, philosophy, brand message and target market to be able to create a design that’s spot on.

Logo Designers – from £500

We have created hundreds of logos for businesses globally, and we enjoy a great reputation for creativity and flair in design. We have highly experienced and talented creative logo designers who bring fresh and unique ideas to your business logo.

Your company logo should be well designed to communicate your company’s feel, products, services and philosophy to your customers and the outside world, Our talented logo designers achieve this through their many years of experience and creative thinking.

Harrison Mann’s logos:

  • Clearly deliver your company’s message
  • Make your company more credible
  • Allows emotional connection between your customers and your brand
  • Motivates your customers to buy your products or services.

The ultimate aim of our logo designers is to have your customers choose your company over your competitors, and part of this process involves a strong logo design that is instantly recognisable. Our logo design service is cost effective and helps to strengthen your brand.



Packaging Designers – from £500

Your product packaging has to stand out on the shelf, give the right message and entice people to buy.

We design contemporary packaging solutions for a number of local (Bradford, Leeds and Yorkshire) and international clients who understand that the correct packaging design accounts for up to 80% of purchasing decisions made at point of sale. It’s so important that your brand is consistently identifiable to customers.

We start by viewing your current branding and the products you are wanting to sell. Your brand’s message and personality should be carried over to your packaging design so it helps tell the story of your brand.

Packaging’s role is threefold:

  • To sell the product
  • To protect the product
  • To facilitate the use of the product.

We also design with manufacturing in mind, so your packaging will be the right balance of creativity and manufacturing economy. We manage the full design and manufacturing phase of the packaging design project, so you’ll have peace of mind while we take care of the project.

Email Newsletters – from £250

It has been proven time and time again that strong email marketing campaigns generate results and sales, and at Harrison Mann, we provide a quality email newsletter design service. Our designers have the graphic design and web design experience needed to generate newsletters that increase sales for your business.

Our newsletter designers create optimised email newsletter designs that work in all popular email clients, and make sure that your email newsletter looks great in all of them.

Our designers can create eye-catching designs to encourage your customers to open and read your emails, and also to take action, converting your emails into sales. Harrison Mann can offer and provide everything that you need for successful email letter design, including:

  • Graphic designers to create compelling and exciting designs
  • Web designers who can deal with creating clean HTML emails
  • Content writers to write persuasive and engaging content for your newsletters.

We’re experts in generating email newsletter design that will make your customers want to open them, and we can use newsletters to:

  • Inform customers of promotions to entice them
  • Give customers information about company news
  • Provide interesting articles with links to your website.

Brochures and Flyers Designers – from £250

Our talented graphic designers create stunning brochure and flyer designs and we treat each project with the same care, dedication and creative flair.

Harrison Mann’s creative design team will carry your business branding and logo through your brochures and flyers to create designs suited to your target market and persuade your customers to get in touch, converting readers into sales.

We can create all kinds of flyers and brochures:

  • Company brochures detailing product and service information
  • Brochures about your company
  • Event programmes
  • Promotional flyers
  • Direct marketing literature.

The idea behind our flyers and brochures is to provide your business with a return on investment, and so the aim is to get results that mean more sales and profits for your business. Our talented design team works closely with you to come up with well-designed literature, that achieves your aim.

Signage and Banner Design – from £250

Our graphic designers can produce quality signage and banners for almost any use, including shop front, livery and events.

Plenty of businesses require sign or banner design to promote their company, and our creative design team can produce all kinds of sign and banners including:

  • Building signage
  • Car park signage
  • Events banner
  • Exhibition banners
  • Promotional banners
  • Promotional poster
  • Glass signage
  • Interior business
  • Vehicle signage designs.

If you are a shop owner or you have business premises where clients and customers visit you in person, your signage is important because it may be the first time your customers see your branding. It so needs to look professional, promote your business and be of good quality and durability.

At Harrison Mann, we have a dedicated, talented and creative team of designers who are able to generate fresh, original and exciting design that puts the right image across to your customers.

Stationery Designers – from £250

Your company stationery is so important in making a good impression with your clients and customers. When you present a client or customer with your business card, or send out a letter, you’re sending a message out to that person about your company, which is why professional stationery design is vital.

We provide design services for:

  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Compliments slips
  • Corporate event invitations
  • Invoice and quotation designs.

If you already have company stationery, you might benefit from having this updated as it may be slightly tired and outdated and might no longer be doing its job of appealing to new customers.

Harrison Mann’s design team have a wealth of experience in helping businesses with their company stationery design needs and our background stems from traditional graphic design disciplines, but our designers are also qualified and experienced with the latest digital design disciplines, creating the perfect balance.