Weavabel website development

Weavabel supply garment solutions to some of the biggest brands on the high-street. Founded in 1980, they started off in a small office in Bradford, and then moved to Leeds after some impressive growth. They now have operations in China, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong.

The challenge

Weavabel were very much limited by their existing agency and could not make quick changes and amends to their website without having to email someone to make them, and thus, they needed this bringing in-house.

As a large organisation, they wanted a solution which was scalable and easy to use, whilst having the flexibility to support them in their marketing efforts in order to drive growth and sales targets.

What we did

We developed a website that fully showcased their entire product and service offerings, whilst using strong visual elements and an intuitive layout to make everything simple to find, wherever the potential customer landed on the website.

Site speed was paramount so we ensured that the code was clean and simple, without any bloat, so that the site would load quickly and help Weavabel use the website as an integral part of their marketing and sales efforts. We kept to the project timeline and budget, and delivered a website which is now vital to their organisation.

The results

A more vibrant WordPress website helped Weavebel showcase the full range of products and expertise that they offer to their clients. They also have full control over the site and can make updates, amends, and changes quickly in-house.

Page load times have dropped dramatically and this has helped increase leads generated from the site.

Bounce Rate Decrease
Site loads
Organic Traffic Increase
Visit website

We wanted to have more control over our website as we were relying on another agency for updates and wanted the ability to quickly make content changes in-house. The bespoke WordPress content management system allows us to do this seamlessly and the development of the new site has helped improve our sales.

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