New Website for Leading Snagging Company

New Build Inspections is a specialist snagging inspection company and that’s all they do, day in and day out. They are a fully independent company and work directly with consumers as opposed to through developers or builders. They have been featured in various publication news outlets, including the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4.

The challenge

New Build Inspections approached us to update their old Joomla-based website with a site that showcased the comprehensive snagging inspections they do for clients around the UK.

The old website had not really been touched in about 6 years and, as we know, things change very quickly in the online world; a website needs to be constantly refined and improved in order to make sure it keeps bringing in leads and sales.

What we did

We spent time talking to the directors of NBI in order to understand their needs and requirements. After this, we gained a fantastic understanding of what their customers needed in order to trust the company further and help increase their leads.

We designed a website with strong call-to-actions throughout; with website projects, you have to tell visitors what you want them to do, so we did just that. Contact information and navigation is easy to find and this helped visitors trust the NBI brand. We also placed in some social proof with the various newspapers and press coverage the NBI company had secured, which helps visitors understand the expertise on offer.

The results

The company now gets 300 leads per month to the website based on the new design we created and developed. We also improved the user experience on the website and allowed people to find what they needed in an average of two clicks.

We also dramatically improved the load times of the website so that most pages loaded in less than one second – meaning that visitors did not have to wait and could quickly navigate the site.

Leads per month
Time on site Increased by
Loads in less than
Visit website

Right from the initial discussions with Richard, we knew that they understood our requirements and what we needed to help the business grow. The project ran smoothly and they were quick to answer any queries we had. The final website has helped our marketing and lead generation efforts. Thanks again for the fantastic work.

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