Koplus website development

KOPLUS was founded in the Netherlands in 2009, and has manufacturing bases around the world. The company supplies furniture to a number of well-known high-street retailers, including Next.

The challenge

The KOPLUS team required a website that fully showed the creative nature of the company and the products they offer. We had to incorporate the products in a way which allowed visitors to quickly understand the numerous specifications and increase both purchasing intent and leads.

They also needed help with ensuring that the website load times were severely reduced as their previous site was sluggish and numerous visitors were put off by this.

What we did

We developed a content lead website with intuitive and easily understandable navigation. The products are all available to find within two clicks of the mouse and contain a whole host of images and specifications in order to increase the chance of purchasing intent, as well as making it simpler for queries and questions to be asked.

As part of the initial brief, we were also tasked with improving the load time of the website; the quicker pages load, the quicker people can find products and/or services and email, call, or purchase. We developed the website with clean code as standard, and then spent time building a robust hosting solution that decreased website load times to less than 1 second.

The results

The new website has really helped their sales funnel and has made it incredibly simple for visitors to locate and view products as well as find out more information about the people and ethos behind the KOPLUS brand.

Sales and online leads have increased and the website is helping both the marketing and sales teams in their daily jobs.

First Month Increase in Revenue
Website Loads In Under
Organic Traffic Increase
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Right from the very start you give us help and advice, whilst also ensuring that we fully understood everything and made sure that the project was planned properly. I appreciate all of your hard work and all of the Koplus team love the final website!

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