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What We Did

As part of Hammonds Furniture marketing mix they needed an online campaign that could send footfall into stores and drive online leads for the sales team. As part of Hammonds Furniture Online activity we utilised the following online channels:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Online Display



We developed a Geo targeted PPC campaign that centered around store locations. Using instore data we worked out customer drive times and used this as a basis to inform our geotargeted campaign to make sure we had the optimum distance around each store targeted. Another strategy was developed in order to capture leads on the website. Detailed keyword research was carried out to work out the keywords that people were likely to use when further down the buying cycle and likely to convert into a lead. Website analytics was mined for important keywords that were already driving conversions from natural SEO. This helped to identify further keywords that we knew were driving conversions already and further traffic could be driven from these keywords.


Hammonds Furniture weren’t very visible in the search engines natural listing and had to rely heavily on paid for online advertising. An SEO strategy was made that would target keywords that were expensive but converted via PPC. This would increase visibility on keywords that we knew would provide conversion and help to lower PPC costs.

Search Results

Hammonds Furniture achieved a number of top 5 rankings significantly increasing traffic driven to the website via search engines. PPC drove leads that were the cheapest out of all paid marketing activity and were high quality


Increase in Top 10 Search Results

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