Genie Recycling website development

Genie Recycling is a trading name of HS Wood Group, a family owned business trading in raw textile waste material supplied by combing and spinning. The company was established in 1975 when Bradford was considered to be the world capital of the wool trade. The company has operations in both Bradford and Latvia.

The challenge

The team at Genie Recycling were finding the current website solution very hard to use, which providing numerous problems in terms of daily tasks and future growth.

The first challenge was identifying all of these problems and putting a comprehensive plan in place to ensure that the new solution was problem-free and made the team’s life easier, so they could focus on serving customers and growing the business.

What we did

After meeting with the Genie team, we put into place a comprehensive plan which started with doing a thorough audit of the current website and where the team’s pain points were. After identifying over 27 current problems, we put into place a plan to ensure that these were removed and began building the new website.

We focused on the branding and, trying to keep the current customers happy, we did not want to change everything overnight, so kept the overall look the same whilst giving it more of a modern feel. We built an easy-to-use back-end for the team and an account area for customers to ensure all information was kept up-to-date.

The results

We built a website which ensured that the pain points of the old website were taken care of and allowed the team to focus on customers and growth; from a customer login area which allows updating of information and ordering easily to report automation. We continue to support the Genie team with on-going maintenance and support, as well as hosting and SEO.

Problems reduced to
Site loads
Hours freed up p/m

Our old website held us back from growing and also due to it`s rigid nature. The new website has helped us expand rapidly, build trust with customers and ensured that our team can make changes quickly and simply. The Harrison Mann continue to give us invaluable support and provide on-going marketing services. They are an integral part of Genie Recycling and our future goals.

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