Adelto project management

Adelto is a leading online publication targeting the Interior Design, Furniture, Property, and Luxury Travel niches. The website stands out in a congested field by sharing high-quality images, matched with interesting write-ups and content.


The challenge

Adelto required a website and branding that made the overall site not only function properly and work on a range of devices, but also showcases the content in a manner which highlights visual elements.

The site also needed to have strong call-to-actions in order to get people to sign-up to the newsletter and connect on social media, therefore helping to virally spread the word about the website and reduce marketing spends.

What we did

We focused on an image-based website that looked great and functioned seamlessly on a range of devices. The site was built using a one column layout to make navigation easy and accessible. We used WordPress to power the site to give the editors a robust solution to their needs. Social media sharing buttons and newsletter call-to-actions were also heavily used to increase the sharing of articles.

We also put into place a marketing plan based on content and social media marketing to quickly gain website visitors and convert these into social media followers and email subscribers. We built relationships with a select group of influencers to further help the Adelto website gain traction and send thousands of visitors to the new website in a matter of days.

The results

We built the social media following from 0-75,000 followers, visits to the website reached one million a month, and a few of the articles gained over 3 million shares across various social media platforms. The website created continues to be a great platform for the Adelto team to use and has allowed them to post over 3,500 articles and not have one single error.

Social Media Followers
Monthly Visitors To Website
1 Million
Email Subscriber Numbers
Visit website

We needed help ensuring the articles that we were producing were getting the traction and awareness in order for us to grow. We`ve been really impressed with the results and the support has helped us achieve over 1 million visitors per month and make everything financially viable.

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