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How to Get the Most from Your WordPress Support Agency

As a company you might not need a full time developer in order to work on your website everyday, however any company this is serious about growing needs to have support in place in order to update and maintain it’s online presence. So we’ve put  together a helpful article on how to get the best from this relationship and what to expect when working with a WordPress support agency.

1. Clear Expectations

It may seem obvious but this is a step that is often overlooked. You must set, and agree on, clear expectations with your WordPress support agency, so that both parties know exactly where they are in terms of the relationship.

You might need emails responding to within a certain time frame, but be prepared to pay more for urgent support, agencies are always busy so setting expectations from the start is vital for any on-going relationship.

Getting everything listed upfront is key to any support package, will they be updating your WordPress website, providing security or helping improve the quality of your website – listing all your requirements is key for the foundation of any support agreement.

2. Flexible Approach and Delivery

Understand that each agency provides support in a different way, we use online support platforms that help us prioritise tickets based on the urgency – so if your site is being hacked is alot more urgent that adding in a new picture of Brenda the account manager for example – so make sure you escalate important things and schedule in the not so important for a later date.

You may even require help for a day to do a multitude of support or development tasks, also make sure you list everything down clearly and concisely, use pictures or screen shots if that`s easier to show – we also provide support at a clients offices, so ask your agency for that if you think it will benefit your company.

3. Provide Feedback

The more information you give to your support agency, the more they will be able to understand exactly what you need on an ongoing basis.

Provide feedback to your agency and let them know how they’re doing. After all, positive feedback can help to improve your relationship with your agency in the long run, being open and honest is the key.

Upholding your website to a professional standard can be difficult, especially when you are busy with other company needs, but working with a support agency can help to take away that stress.

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