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What is User Experience and Why is it Important to Your Business? [Infographic]

What is User Experience and Why is it Important to Your Business

User experience, often shortened to UX, takes into account the experience of a website’s users. It encompasses every single aspect of the way the user interacts with the page and, ideally, helps to improve usability.

Various aspects within a website contribute to the overall user experience, and it’s important that a visitor has a positive experience when looking at your site. The infographic below looks at each of these aspects and explains exactly how the UX impacts your overarching business strategy, and includes tips on:

  • Design: Why is design important? How will it impact the UX?
  • Mobile Optimisation: Why should you optimise your website for mobiles?
  • Return on Investment: Is designing a good UX worthwhile in terms of investment?

Find out more information below to help you market your business in a way that allows customers to find information on your website which helps them make a decision to contact or buy from you. I hope this helps you to consider the various aspects of UX when designing your website; it’s worth it.

What is User experience and why is it important

Source – WebpageFX

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