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51 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website [Infographic]

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Creating your website may seem daunting; after all, this is the face of your business and something that sells your products or services without your constant assistance. Therefore, it needs to be professional, understandable, and attractive in order for readers to stay focused.

This is where WordPress comes in. Being open source, it’s a free tool (although there are paid extras and, if you’re serious about your business, we recommend that you get a bespoke website design for your company) for you to create anything that you need in regards to your website. It’s flexible, easy to use, powerful, and has been increasing in popularity. In fact, many large scale companies use it, such as eBay and Forbes, believe it or not. Even the website you are currently on here at Harrison Mann is brought to you via WordPress. Impressive, huh?

In order to further showcase the amazing capabilities of WordPress, Website Builder created this infographic of 51 facts you probably don’t already know. They include these:

  • 34% of US websites and 36% of UK websites use WordPress 4.8.
  • WordPress is written in PHP (61%) and MySQL.
  • WordPress was the most requested job skill worldwide in 2014.

Source: Website Builder

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