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York Hour is a fantastic way to find out what is occurring in your city, engage in topical discussions relating to the area, and voice your opinion about a range of issues.

Each York Hour we have a different topic to discuss and we tweet five questions related to that topic throughout the hour. We find that structuring the hour like this keeps the tweets flowing, promotes interaction, and allows people to discuss everything around one topic.

To join in with York Hour, simply follow the @YorkHour Twitter account and log on between 8 and 9PM on the first Monday of the month. Simply get involved in the chosen topic, answer the questions and, above all, have fun and make connections!

10 Reasons Why We Love York

Steeped in history but still with a modern feel and outlook, York is surely one of the best cities in the UK to live and work in, if not THE best! Here’s why we think York is great.

#1 The majestic Minster
Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you mention ‘York’ is the stunning York Minster. It’s the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe and both the architecture and artistry of the building really take your breath away. Whether it’s the intricate and vivid stained glass windows, the amazing vaulted ceilings, the beautifully sculpted Kings Screen below the impressive organ, or the soaring towers, there is always something new to study. It also houses many shrines, artefacts, records, and manuscripts for history lovers to indulge in – and theatregoers will love the York Minster Mystery Plays in May 2016.

#2 The charming Shambles
Voted Britain’s most picturesque street in 2010, wandering along the Shambles is like stepping back in time. The overhanging buildings and narrow, winding path – at some points you can actually touch the buildings on both sides of the street – make you feel enclosed in a medieval bubble. But this is no ancient relic – it is Europe’s most visited street and is always bustling with residents and tourists alike, and its charming little shops and cafés keep it going as a thriving shopping destination.

#3 Walking along the Walls
York has the most complete city walls of anywhere in England, and they are the perfect destination for walkers – you can go as far as you like, getting on and off at various points, and it’s a great way to view the splendour of the historic city. Another advantage of the walls is that if you ever get lost in the city centre, you can just walk in any direction, hit the walls and follow them around until you know where you are again!

#4 All the other history!
A gothic cathedral, medieval street, and Roman-cum-Viking-cum-medieval walls not enough for you? Don’t worry, there are plenty more historical buildings for you to explore! There’s Clifford’s Tower, the former castle keep and now an English Heritage site (and place of pilgrimage for hill-rolling students); the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey in Yorkshire Museum Gardens; the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall; Treasurer’s House; Fairfax House… the list goes on! Basically, walk around in York for more than a few minutes and you’ll stumble upon a window onto our past.

#5 The many museums
Just to prove that this city really is the place to be for history lovers, York also has a plethora of fantastic museums! You can learn about local history from prehistory up to medieval times at Yorkshire Museum, move onto the late modern era at York Castle Museum, find your inner Viking at Jorvik, or go loco at the brilliant (and free) National Railway Museum. Travel a little way out of the city and you’ll also find the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington and the Yorkshire Museum of Farming at Murton Park. We’re certainly never short of places to go in York!

#6 The stunning station
Of course, York isn’t stuck in the past – and the railway station is an emblem of how the city beautifully blends old and new. The beautiful Victorian architecture of the station could well transport you back in time, but actually this gem of a building is one of the best locations to transport you – well, anywhere in the country! It lies slap-bang in the middle of the East Coast Main Line, allowing you to travel quickly and easily to the capital cities of London and Edinburgh, and plenty of other places too. It may be a historical city, but it’s certainly well-connected to modern transport!

#7 The (many) pubs
You can never be short of a pint in York. Rumour has it that there are 365 pubs in the city – that means you could visit a different one every day of the year! We don’t know if any resident has attempted this feat yet, but we do know there are plenty of pub crawls to be enjoyed within this small city, and the pubs themselves are pretty good too. Trainspotters love the York Tap in the station, locals know to ignore the ‘private party’ signs in the window of the snug Blue Bell, and musos love to hear the local talent in The Habit.

#8 Betty’s
If you prefer your drinks to be hangover-free, then there’s always the other Yorkshire staple – tea. And in York we do tea in style at Betty’s Tea Room and Café. While the Betty’s brand didn’t originate here, we are the only city or town blessed with not one, but two of the opulent tea rooms. That means we get to choose from the grandeur of the St Helen’s Square branch, with an Art Deco interior designed by the same team as the Queen Mary, or the cosy intimacy of the Stonegate branch. There’s no better way to enjoy a cuppa – or a Fat Rascal!

#9 The Parks
After wandering through the winding streets and partaking of your favourite beverage, it’s good to get out in the open air – and York has over 20 parks and green spaces to choose from. There’s the botanical Yorkshire Museum Gardens which include the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, a Roman fortress, the Observatory, and more. There’s the leafy birdspotter’s paradise of West Bank Park. There’s Dean’s Park, a lovely quiet spot next to the Minster. Or there’s Rowntree Park, which is well-equipped with a café, children’s play areas, sporting facilities, and numerous water features – although if it’s been raining a lot, it’s best to steer clear. Which brings us to…

#10 The River (and the resilient residents!)
Ahh, the Ouse. This beautiful waterway is the jewel in the crown for the city, giving it a stunning natural focal point. Wander along the banks or over the bridges at the weekend and you may well catch sight of a boat race taking place. Yes, it may flood from time to time (OK, lots) but that just shows the mettle of the locals, who always pick themselves back up again. Even faced with the floods of December 2015, the city was soon open for business again and the community rallied round with both practical and financial support. With such an incredible history, is it any surprise the city knows how to keep going in the face of adversity?

York may be blessed with a wealth of history, but it’s very much a modern city with great transport links, shops, eateries, pubs, and plenty of other thriving businesses – and a fantastic community too!

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