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11 Reasons to be Happy to Live in Hull

Hull may not have the most glamorous reputation, but the people who live and work here know that it’s a city on the up! Here are just some reasons to be proud of Hull.

#1 One of its sons abolished the slave trade
What better endorsement of the city could there be than the fact that it was a local man who led the campaign for the abolition of slavery? William Wilberforce was born in Hull in 1759 and rose to be an influential politician with a strong interest in social reform. Not only did his parliamentary efforts pave the way for the end of the slave trade, he also campaigned for better conditions for factory workers in Britain.

#2 It has great (free) museums
If you want to find out more about Wilberforce, you can do so without spending a penny by heading to Wilberforce House. But that’s not the only free museum Hull has to offer – you can learn about local history at Hull and East Riding Museum, check out the transport at Streetlife Museum, get watery by going to the Maritime Museum, or step aboard the Arctic Corsair or Spurn Lightship.

#3 It can take you to The Deep
If that’s not aquatic enough for you, you could always head to The Deep. Boasting 3,500 marine creatures including swordfish, sharks, rays, and penguins, The Deep is a fantastic place for family outings. The team behind the attraction also do important research and conservation work. Even the building itself is impressive, designed by the respected Sir Terry Farrell and showcasing the best of modern architecture.

#4 It has one and a half famous bridges
OK, the Humber Bridge isn’t actually in Hull, but it’s close enough! This incredible structure is the seventh longest suspension bridge in the world – in fact, it’s so long that the two towers aren’t parallel to account for the curvature of the Earth! Of course, that’s not the only famous local bridge – Scale Lane Bridge isn’t even a bridge all the time, but it has become a local attraction in itself, and has won awards for its design (even if it does look a bit like a pinball flipper).

#5 It’s great for sport
Other cities have footballing derbies but, in Hull, Rugby League is where it’s at. The city boasts two Super League teams – Hull FC and Hull KR – and residents are literally divided into the two camps – FC gets the west, KR gets the east. The football is pretty good too – Hull City FC is probably the most successful Yorkshire team at the moment, having flitted between the Premier League and the top end of the Championship in recent years. Hull is also the birthplace of Olympic gold medallist boxer Luke Campbell.

#6 Its telephone boxes are one of a kind
Ever one to do its own thing, Hull resisted joining the national telephone network, opting instead for its own network run by local company Kingston Communications. The upshot of this is that, instead of the usual red, the city’s telephone boxes are a fetching shade of off-white. Kingston Communication was sold to a private company in 2007 but is still the only locally-operated telephone company in the country.

#7 It has its own slice of Monaco
The pleasure boats that fill Hull Marina are a sight to behold and, on a warm summer evening, you can wander around the marina imagining you’re in the land of the rich and famous! The atmosphere is helped along by the neighbouring Fruit Market area, which is currently undergoing regeneration and is filling up with fantastic new businesses, including classy restaurants like 1884 Dock Street Kitchen and a number of art galleries.

#8 It has its own take on fish and chips
There’s no better place to get fish and chips than the Yorkshire coast, but Hull makes sure that theirs stands out from the rest of the region by the creation of a famed local delicacy – chip spice. Pop it on your chips and you’ll never look at that humble foodstuff in the same way again. Or if you fancy something a bit different, how about another Hull creation, the pattie? This battered mix of potato and sage has rightly won a place in the heart of every Hull resident.

#9 It has a fantastic fair
Few cities have a funfair so big that it attracts visitors from miles around, but Hull is one of them. Hull Fair is one of the largest travelling funfairs in Europe and has been a local tradition for over 700 years. Taking over Walton Street car park for just over a week in October, Hull Fair is a great place to have a ride on the waltzers, indulge in hot dogs and candyfloss, and enjoy the bright lights all around!

#10 It brought us ‘Two Jags’
We’ve already mentioned one politician from Hull, but we surely cannot overlook our more recent famous (or should that be infamous) MP, John Prescott. He may not be a Hull boy by birth but his 40-year stint as MP for Hull East makes him an honorary son of the city. Prescott is a controversial figure, to say the least, but in a political world dominated by Standard English and spin doctors, his down to earth nature, sense of humour, and broad Yorkshire accent made a refreshing change.


#11 It’s officially top for culture (or will be next year)
Of course, the biggest reason to be proud of Hull is coming up in 2017, when it will officially take the title of UK City of Culture. It’s a well-deserved accolade, as the city is home to a great cultural scene which is getting ever stronger. We have two great theatres, Freedom Festival in September, Humber Street Sesh in the summer, and much more. Hull is also the birthplace of poet Philip Larkin and has a trail dedicated to him. 2017 is going to be an exciting year for the city, with plenty of festivals, performances, and community projects to get involved in.

With an impressive history, quirky local traditions, and the excitement of regeneration and cultural revival, Hull really is the city to be in right now!

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