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Did you know 58 percent of small businesses aren’t utilising social media in their marketing plan? Of the 42 percent that are taking advantage of social media, they likely aren’t building true relationships. Most are merely pushing out advertisements. We help build relationships for you.


Social media is all about adding value to your customers and followers. When coming up with a social media strategy, you shouldn’t be asking, ‘how do we deliver our message?’ It should be ‘how do we best discuss our message with our market on social media?’

If you’re not prepared to have proper discussions, it may be best to stay off social media. Brands that aren’t engaging tend to get lost in the shuffle. At this point, you’re merely pumping noise.

Benefits of a Proper Social Media Strategy

At Harrison Mann, we are all about adding value to your social media strategy. With a proper plan in place, your brand will see significant growth.

When performed correctly, social media can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. With the right content and voice, you can become an authority within your specific location or niche. This can be done by providing useful content to your social media followers in the way of blogs, articles and testimonials. If you need help carrying out a proper message, we offer content and blog management as well.

Did we mention social media is essential for search engine optimisation? It all comes down to the right content. You want people to like and share your content. These social signals carry a lot of weight for SEO. This will push your brand up in the search engine rankings and help build brand awareness.

Targeted Social Media Platforms for Your Business

We only use social media platforms that help our clients gain customers.

While you may see your competitors trying to leverage every social media platform available, we believe in a more targeted approach.

We have a deep understanding of how each platform works. After learning more about your business, its goals and competitors, we will have a very good idea of what social media platforms to use for your business. Some of the most popular social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

One common mistake we see is that many brands post the same message on every platform. It’s not a recipe for success. Content posted on Facebook may not be right for Pinterest. What is right for Google+ may not be right for Twitter.

We Understand Your Target Customers

It is important to be aware of what interests your customers, but it is also important to know how your customers are viewing your content online. Is what you are posting optimised for mobile? All content should be optimised for mobile devices. Remember, more and more people are checking your content on tablets and smartphones. According to the Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey, accessing social media is the number one mobile activity today. A staggering 71 percent reported using a mobile device to access social media.

We make sure that all of our content is eye-catching, engaging, and will add value. It is our goal to create content people want to see and will share with others. There is so much content and so many businesses fighting to catch your attention you have to have interesting content people care about. We always add value!

Some of Our Work

One client we are proud to work with is Adelto – an online contemporary interior design, property and luxury travel magazine.

We have helped spread Adelto’s message through engagement and a community atmosphere. By spreading this message on social media, we have helped significantly build its online identity. Adelto once had a modest following but it can now boast a following of over 75,000 people on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.


As you can see on this Facebook post, we utilise beautiful photos with engaging copy to get people to not only like our posts but to click to the article. 78,000 people reached – that`s the power of social media.

Connecting with influencers

We are all about engaging our followers. Social media helps build relationships with bloggers and websites who may feature your services or products. This in return gives you links back to your website which certainly helps with SEO and builds awareness.

Interior designer and entrepreneur, Kelly Hoppen showed her appreciation for one of our articles by mentioning Adelto in a post to her 113,000 followers on Twitter.

As we noted, we provide content in the form of articles and blogs for Adelto. One of our posts received well over 2 million shares – here it is. Can you imagine how much that lifted their brand identity? Having the right content is vital. We can help you gain that same traction. Contact us and see how.

We know how important relationships are within social media. That is why we run several Twitter Hours. These chats are aimed at helping SME’s discuss opportunities to increase visitors, leads and sales online. We host six Twitter Hours including: @LeedsHour, @SheffieldHour, @YorkHour, @BradfordHour, @HullHour, and @OurYorkshire. The response has been absolutely phenomenal. We built this from the ground up from no followers to a combined 45,000 followers.

Along with our Twitter Hours, we are pleased to be able to give back to charities. On Twitter, we run a weekly @CharityHourUK for charities across the UK and abroad. We help charities with digital marketing tips and generate awareness through social media.

Contact Us Today and See the Difference

We are ready and able to take your social media campaign to the next level. Social media is all about relationship building. We will build those long-standing relationships with your target audience. In addition, we will provide content that truly converts. Don’t waste another second on a social media campaign that isn’t delivering results. Contact us today!