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Did you know that 58 percent of small businesses aren’t utilising social media in their marketing plan? Of the 42 percent that are taking advantage of social media, they more than likely aren’t building true relationships; most are merely pushing out advertisements. We help build relationships for you.

A great social media strategy equates to great relationships with your clients and customers – and who wouldn’t want that?!

We realise our clients don’t always have time to run a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn page for their business, which is why we step in. After all, the Harrison Mann team is made up of social media management professionals who know platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter inside out. Here are some of the social tools we use regularly:

Social Media Marketing Case Studies


Allowing us to schedule timely and relevant social media posts, Hootsuite is a platform from which we can get a number of updates ready – across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ – before feeding them to your audience using the automated, in-website scheduler.


We’ll use eye-catching, copyright-free imagery with your social posts to ensure the content we post on your behalf hits all the right notes.



We host several ‘Twitter Hours’ which sees us engage with people in the area and in similar industries to yours to ‘get people talking’ about your company and its services. Our dedicated, regional hours each have thousands of followers – perfect if you’d like to reach a large audience in one go.


How do we track the effectiveness of the content we’re putting out? Using specialised analytics tools, we can tell you how many people are visiting your site, for how long, and which pages they visited. We can even provide regular reports.

Why Choose Our Social Media Management Services?

Nothing will target your audience better than paid-for social media advertising campaigns – and each can be successfully run and managed by the Harrison Mann team, meaning all you’ll need to do is hand over the reins.

Paid social advertising campaigns can target people by interest, location, and age to ensure you’re getting the most from your money. In-depth analysis of your current traffic and audience help us better tailor our posts and adverts to ensure they gain as much traction as possible. What this means for you is that you’ll save more money in the long-run.

We offer a host of social media services, too, from help with LinkedIn and Facebook, to assistance in setting up and maintaining an Instagram or Google+ profile. The platform (or platforms) that work best for you will depend entirely on the products and services you’re selling, and how receptive your target audience is.

Twitter Management and Paid Advertising

Whether you go down the paid-for Twitter advertising route, or you’d simply like to use some of your budget to put us in charge of maintaining your account with great content, Twitter can prove useful in helping you achieve your long-term goals.

LinkedIn Management and Paid Advertising

The ideal social media network for marketing your business, LinkedIn is one of the most-used platforms out there, with many people selling their products and services via word-of-mouth advertising through the site. Talk to the Harrison Mann team today and you’ll discover that our knowledge of the site is second to none. We can help you drive more traffic to your website or business and turn prospective customers into regular clients.


Facebook Management and Paid Advertising

Your social media marketing strategy needs to be planned well if you’d like to see results. But don’t worry; this doesn’t have to be a job you do yourself – we can help. There are plenty of social media marketing companies out there, so why choose us? We know our stuff. Plus, we’ve produced measurable results for our clients, increasing conversions and building both brand trust and loyalty amongst customers.

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How Harrison Mann Can Add Value to Your Business

We can add value to your social media strategy – it’s as simple as that. With a proper plan in place, your brand will see significant growth and, when performed correctly, social media can be a powerful marketing tool.

Craft the right content and voice and you can become an authority within your specific location or niche. It’s all about providing useful content to your social media followers in the way of blogs, articles, and testimonials. If you need help doing that, get in touch.

It isn’t a recipe for success to post the same content across multiple platforms, so you can be sure our copy is targeted to each platform and its audience.

We’ll Help You Gain Customers

We only use social media platforms that help our clients gain customers. While your competitors may try to leverage every social media platform available, we believe in a more targeted approach.

With a deep understanding of how each platform works, we’ll only implement a strategy after learning more about your business, its goals, and your competitors – and we know exactly which platform to use to gain the best result.

We Understand Who You’re Targeting

What interests your customers? It’s important to be aware, so you can target them properly. If you don’t know, don’t worry – we can help.

We’ll optimise the content you’re posting so that it’s viewable on mobile, and we’ll also make sure everything we post is eye-catching, engaging and, above all, will add value to your business.

Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve worked with a host of companies to help them target their customers and increase conversions. One of them is Adelto – an online contemporary interior design, property, and luxury travel magazine.

We have helped spread Adelto’s message via engagement and great community atmosphere. By spreading this message on social media, we have helped the company significantly build its online identity. Once with a modest following, Adelto now have well over 75,000 avid fans across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

We’ll Build Relationships with Influencers

We’re all about engaging our followers – and social media helps us build relationships with bloggers and websites who may well feature your services or products. In return, you’ll earn links back to your website, which will help with SEO and build awareness.

Interior designer and entrepreneur, Kelly Hoppen, showed her appreciation for one of our articles by mentioning Adelto in a post to her 113,000 followers on Twitter. As a result, that post received well over two million shares – here it is. Can you imagine how much that lifted their brand identity? Having the right content is vital and we can help you gain the same traction as Adelto.

Why Not Join One of Our Twitter Hours?

We know how important relationships are within social media; it’s the reason we run several Twitter Hours. These chats are aimed at helping SMEs discuss opportunities to increase visitors, leads and sales online, and we host the following hours: @LeedsHour, @SheffieldHour, @YorkHour, @BradfordHour, @HullHour, and @OurYorkshire.

The response has been absolutely phenomenal; we built these chats from the ground up – where once we had no followers, combined, we now have close to 80,000.

Alongside our Twitter Hours, we’re pleased to be able to give back to charity. We run a weekly @CharityHourUK Twitter too, helping charities across the UK and abroad generate awareness via actionable digital marketing tips.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say…

We are ready and able to take your social media campaign to the next level. Social media is all about relationship building, and we will build long-standing relationships with your target audience. In addition, we will provide content that truly converts. Here’s what our customers have to say:


“Richard told me why social media would benefit my business and I really wasn’t sure at first. I’m glad I listened, though. My followers have increased by quite a lot and I’ve noticed more enquiries coming in too.” Jim, Restaurant Owner


“I didn’t think someone like me would have much call for a Facebook page. But Richard and his team set me one up and it’s worked wonders for my business. There’s always something on there and I’ve had more business as a result.” Peter, Accountants

“I’m thrilled with what Richard’s done for our small company – it really has been a breath of fresh air. We’re now pulling in more customers – and it’s all due to our social media pages. I really can’t thank Richard enough.” Mary, Cake Maker

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