We know how important it is that you get the results you’re hoping for – on time and to budget. With that in mind, our pricing structure is hugely competitive and designed to complement your cash flow.

We do not compete on price with other agencies. Ever. We compete on value, of which we have no doubt about the value and expertise we provide.

What is your hourly rate?

Our hourly rate is £60. However, when we quote for your project we offer fixed fees based on what you require. These fees will never change unless you need additional work outside of the initial scope.

What are your project payment terms?

For websites, we require 50% upfront, then 25% after designs have been approved, with the remaining balance due once the project’s complete and you’ve happily signed it off. After the final payment we will then move your website live from the test server, and ensure it is running perfectly. We also offer 14 days support on all websites for complete peace of mind.

All other payments are due upfront and at the beginning of each month. This is simply so we can get to work on your marketing without having to chase the odd client for monies owed. It’s simpler for us and all of our clients are happy to do this, and understand our reasoning for this.

Keen to work with us?

We’ll provide clear and honest pricing, just as soon as we receive a detailed brief in writing from you. Because no two companies are the same, neither is the work you’ll receive from us.

Working closely with you to ensure your campaign is perfectly tailored to you and your company, we’ll help deliver tangible results that’ll make outsourcing your projects 100% worthwhile.

Get in touch today; we’d love to chat further about how we can help.

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