Infographic Design Services


Infographics are a great way to create links back to your website and build up your authority online. As most people are aware links from high quality websites are the backbone of SEO and help increase your websites rankings.  A well designed infographic, with interesting data and information, can help build these links.


We first research and compile a number of highly relevant ideas based on your industry. We use content marketing tools to find out what your potential clients are searching for and then come up with a range of suitable ideas that your audience will like.  We analyse top performing content within your industry and come up with evergreen ideas that will stand the test of time and help you gain continual links and social media shares based on the infographics value.


After we have have agreed on a topic, our team will collect data and information from credible sources. We then check the accuracy and quality of this data. Once we are happy that all the data and information is correct we structure the data and information into an easily digestible format and send to you to get signed off.


Turning data and information into a eye-catching infographic is a process that needs to take into account of fonts, imagery, colours and layout. Our ultimate aim is not just to create something that looks fantastic, it also needs to show the data off properly and be of value to the reader so that they are likely to share or link back to the infographic.


Once the infographic has been published our outreach specialists look for relevant websites and grade these in order of quality. We then build relationships with the bloggers and website owners in order to get the content published on their website and a link placed back to your site giving proper accreditation as the owner of the infographic.


The final phrase of the service is to find any websites who may of featured your infographic but have not attributed to the original source, your website. So we reach out to them and ask for the correct credit on their site and a link back to your website.

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