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Creating Your Branding Style Guide [Infographic]

Branding Style Guide Header

Something that is quite often overlooked, a branding style guide is a document which helps to ensure all of the design elements for your company are similarly identifiable, and also all in one place so that your design team – whether already hired in-house or a bespoke design agency – is on the same page, as it were. With design, you need to make sure that those people who see your visuals instantly recognise it to be a part of your brand. And don’t think that this stops at only the online section – you also need to bring it across all of your printed media too, such as leaflets or catalogues.

To make sure that you think of everything you need when building your branding style guide, Visme have created this informative infographic. Its three-parts look at the mission and values, visuals, and the how to and how not to – including top tips on these categories:

  • Proper logo positioning.
  • Logo sizings.
  • Fonts and typography.
  • Colour palettes.

Branding Style Guide

Source: Visme

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