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Choosing Logo Colours to Suit Your Business [Infographic]

What Color Should Your Logo Be

At Harrison Mann, we know just how important it is to design a great logo for your business; after all, it’s how we branded ourselves in the first place! It’s one of the very first things you will probably think of when creating your website or even just your business.

Think of some of the first brands that come to your head and what do you see first? Their logos. Perhaps it’s McDonalds with their golden arches, or Nike with their simplistic tick. Perhaps it’s Google’s colours, or even just the red of Coca Cola. Logos are important not only as a brand identifier, but the colours you choose will also affect your audience. Colours convey meaning – red can sometimes mean danger or perhaps passion, green can mean balance and growth, and blue can mean trust and peace.

Whatever colour you choose for your logo, you must have a good reasoning behind it, ensuring that the connotations your audience makes are the right ones.

This infographic shows the three questions that you must take into account when choosing your logo colours. These include:

  • Deciding a colour based on the psychology behind them, and how you want to convey your brand to your customers.
  • Deciding whether you want to go down the route of single or multiple colours.
  • Ensuring your colours don’t clash with cultural differences of certain global audiences.

It may seem like designing a logo is simple but, by taking these questions into account, you’ll be able to understand what a logo is and how a great logo is vital to communicate your message to your audience.

What Color Should Your Logo Be

Source – DesignMantic

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