Email Marketing & Newsletter Design


You stand in the middle of a crowd. The room’s atmosphere is chockfull of chatter from people tightly pressed together. It’s 11 in the evening and the party is kicking to high gear.

You observe everyone. The way they talk, the way they respond to others, who they talk to, who they ignore. You write these down.

With a last once-over of your notes and a short nod of approval, you finally zero in a group of people who best fits your target audience.

Now this isn’t about knowing how to find them.

This is about knowing how to get them to tune out the noise and listen to you.

Do you take a deep breath and project your voice? Do you yell and see who would look? Do you approach them one by one?

What do you do?


A lot of people see email marketing as an outdated strategy—the remnants of a bygone era best lumped together with direct mail and pigeon-carried letters.

If today, we are starting to explore cars driven on autopilot, email marketing is its horse-and-carriage counterpart, clip-clopping on cobblestone streets during industrial UK.

However, these numbers betray this assumption:

  • Return on investment for emails is around 4,300%
  • Email marketing (31%) is second to websites (35%) in driving the highest ROI among all channels marketers use
  • Mobile devices account for more than 50% of all email opens
  • Responsive email campaigns have higher click-to-open rates on mobile (55%) and on desktop (23%)
  • More than half of customers (52%) in the UK opt-in when they know they will receive discounts and/or freebies
  • B2B marketers (59%) stand by email as the top channel that generates the most revenue

It’s understandable if you think email marketing isn’t worth a shot. After all, the user base for each social media today continues to grow.

But again, we will let the numbers settle this matter for you:

It’s predicted that emails sent daily will reach 297 billion by 2017. Did you know that Facebook and Twitter only account for 0.2% of emails passed from inbox to inbox every day?

Now go back to our crowd of people at the beginning. How do you let yourself be heard?

Social media, on the one hand, would allow you to project your voice and be heard in a roomful of people. Heads would turn. You will grab their attentions. You will get likes, shares, and could possibly go viral.

Email marketing, on the other hand, would allow your target audience to feel closer to you and have private 1-on-1 conversations with them.

  • Emails are more personal.
  • Emails have a more professional reputation that’s perfect for building relationships with clients or business partners.
  • Email gives you the advantage of having subscribers who already expect offers in their inbox.


With a high ROI, email marketing practically pays for itself.

It is a cost-effective way of reaching your audience. And when done right, it becomes one of the most powerful online strategies to gain the trust and loyalty of your audience.

We know how busy business owners are, so leave it to us to do the following:

  • Personalised And Effective Email Content

Sure, viral stories can easily grab the attention of an online audience. But believe it or not, readers are still on the lookout for valuable content.

In this day and age, readers can smell clickbait from a mile away.

We will not give them that.

We will give them valuable content that would make them trust you, both as a source of information and a source of reliable product or service.

Do you need to inform your subscribers of a seasonal sale you’re currently having? Would you like to send a curated list of articles that they would find beneficial? We can craft compelling content that they will read from start to finish.

  • Visually-appealing Newsletter Design

It’s not just email content that’s at the crux of your campaign. For content to be compelling, it has to go hand-in-hand with effective design. And we are here to give you both.

We will marry form and function in your newsletters with a clean but eye-catching layout that reflects your brand.

You don’t have any experience with design? We will gladly code your newsletter design in HTML in a layout that balances both text and images and would give readers more impetus to click or even share.

  • No More Seen, Deleted, Or Sent-to-Spam Emails

Do not fall into the myth that customers dislike reading emails or that sales are impossible through email marketing.

That is a trap of epic proportions. If you fall into it, you would miss out on all the benefits this channel will give you.

We will craft emails in such a way that would make your subscribers feel that they are not wasting their time reading your content. We also know how to avoid being sent directly to their spam folders.

From the subject head to the content itself, we have the know how to keep their attention, whether they are on mobile, tablet, or desktops. They won’t just read you and move on. They will read and follow your call-to-action.

  • Build and Grow Your Targeted Email List

Is this your first time to do email marketing? Do you have a small list of subscribers and want it to grow?

Building and growing email databases are important areas to focus on, as this is where we will turn anyone’s fledgling curiosity in your brand into an actual trusting and loyal customer.

And it’s not just about adding the first available email we can find and shoving emails down their inbox.

We do not purchase email lists. We follow UK advertising and marketing laws when gathering personal information.

We then implement strategies that will prompt your website visitors, social media followers, or any captured audience from any channels you have in existence to sign up to your newsletters.

  • Results-oriented Emails Based on Tests

We will test the effectiveness of your emails to make sure you get the best results in your industry. We can also conduct split testing to know which part of the email works and which part needs improvement.

One of the best things about this channel is that you get your results in a few days’ time. You will be able to immediately track how each email performs, based on metrics like open rate, click through rate, conversion rate etc., and adjust accordingly.

We will explain to you what these performance indicators mean and what implications they bring to your future email strategy.

At the end of the day, these all boil down to two things:

We are here to give you the best email marketing results and to help you focus more on your business.

If you want to increase your sales or to generate more leads but simply have much on your plate, we will gladly write, design, and code your emails for you.


We let our work speak for us. Take a look at what our previous clients have to say about our services.

Increased Sales

“The team at Harrison Mann increased my sales with their professionally designed emails! I love how they kept me in the loop every step of the way; it helped ease my worries knowing there’s a team I could trust.”

Upward Trend in Email Engagement Rate

“I actually didn’t put much stock in email marketing at first, but working with Harrison Mann changed all that. A continued rise in email engagement can do wonders in changing one’s mind.”

Doubled Lead Generation

“We doubled our leads when we started working with Richard and his team. They were able to turn our cold leads into paying customers. Could not be happier with the results.”

Reliable and Top Notch Work Ethic

“It is an absolute joy working with Richard. He responds in a timely manner and answers any question I throw his way. I’ve actually referred their services to a colleague of mine.”


It is common for business owners, especially in the early stages, to grope in the dark when it comes to email marketing.

Yes, you’ve got their names. Yes, you have their email addresses. What then? How do you keep them engaged and not click on the unsubscribe button?

STEP #1: Conceptualisation

Our email marketing process is tried and tested. It is a product of five (5) years’ worth of building it, of learning from mistakes, and of putting those lessons to good use.

We will make sure that your newsletters, from the moment of conception to the point of execution, follow a smooth trail. Any problems along the way and we will quickly iron those out for you.

We do not rush into designing your emails.

At the onset, we will sit with you and discuss everything that you want and need. What are your requirements? What would you want to happen? What would you like to see in your emails?

We will then produce an overall plan for your newsletter. This includes the content topic and the design draft. Once you have approved our plan, we will move on to the design.

STEP #2: Designing Your Newsletters

Using the plan that we agreed upon on the first step, we will finalise the design in a way that is consistent with your company brand and colours.

We will also make sure that all links are both compelling to click on and are working. Rest assured that your newsletters would look good regardless of device your subscriber uses, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

We offer two (2) rounds of revisions should you need them.

STEP #3: Development & Testing

We will then code your newsletter design in HTML, and integrate it with the email platform of your choice (e.g. MailChimp, Aweber, etc). We will make it a point to create emails that would look good on any platform or email service provider.

We test the email newsletters in Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.

Our emails are set up in a way that will allow you to add or change content, so you can fully manage it yourself in the future. Or you can let us update it for you as well.

STEP #4: Updating Your Newsletter

We also offer services to update your newsletter in the months to come. We will give you fresh content every month with new designs that are just as bespoke, visually engaging, and professional.

We will make sure that each new content and design remains true to your brand requirements. Rest assured that they will always be interesting for anyone who receives it.

STEP #5: Reporting Results

Once your campaigns are sent out, we will closely monitor it for you and look at key performance indicators that would help us measure how effective each email message is.

This includes the open rate, the click-through rate, the conversion rate, which links on the email were opened, and many more. We will interpret the results for you, so you would know how these data would impact your overall marketing strategy.


We will gladly create one (1) newsletter for you—one that is creatively written, beautifully designed, and expertly coded with 100% responsiveness guarantee—all for £400. 

If you prefer, you can also have us update and manage your emails month on month. This comes with fresh content based on your requirements and a newsletter design that are in keeping with your brand colours and other specifications.


We work with agencies and businesses around the UK with our email newsletter design service.

If you need a team of professional online marketers with years of experience up their sleeves, feel free to contact us today. Tell us what you need with your emails and we’ll help bring you to closer to your target audience.