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Email marketing is one of a few marketing channels that you directly own, and building an engaged audience via email continues to be a great way in which to reach a targeted audience for your services and products. We’ll Engage with Your Clients Via Well-Thought-Out Email-Marketing Campaign.

Thanks to an email marketing agency like ours though, you’ll not only grab their attention but keep it. We’ll help you build a solid connection with your audience and ensure they come back for more.


Hook Your Customers with Eye-Catching Emails

While you might see email marketing as an outdated strategy, the stats contradict your thought processes. Here are just a few figures (found around the net) to get your head around:

  • Email marketing (31%) is second to websites (35%) in driving the highest ROI among all channels marketers use.
  • Mobile devices account for more than 50% of all email opens.
  • Responsive email campaigns have higher click-to-open rates on mobile (55%) than on desktop (23%).
  • More than half of customers (52%) in the UK opt in when they know they will receive discounts and/or freebies.
  • B2B marketers (59%) stand by email as the top channel that generates the most revenue.

So, now do you think email marketing might be the way to go? With the help of an email marketing digital agency like ours, your target audience will feel closer to you; this isn’t an ad amongst the hordes of posts on Facebook or Twitter, but a piece of content that’s landing directly into your clients’ inboxes.

Emails are more personal – and that’s a fact. They also give off a more professional air than social media sites might. On top of that, they’ll afford you the advantage of an ever-growing mailing list of ‘subscribers’ to market to, as and when you have something that’ll interest them – an offer, or a FREE eBook, for example. It’s about adding value, after all.


Easy Email Marketing That Works for You

From marketing managers to business owners, we can help make sure that your mail marketing is targeted and relevant.

Yes, you’ve got their names. Yes, you have their email addresses. What now? How do you keep customers engaged and not force them into clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button?

Here’s how we can help:


Our email marketing process is tried and tested. It is a product of five years’ worth of building, learning from mistakes, and putting those lessons to good use.

We will make sure that your newsletters – from the moment of conception to the point of execution – follow a smooth trail. We’ll quickly iron out any problems along the way, too.

From the off, we’ll sit down with you to discuss everything you want and need. What are your requirements? What would you like to happen? And what would you like to see in your emails?

We will then produce a thorough plan for your newsletter. This will include the content we’ll put together and the design draft. Once you’ve approved our plan, we’ll move onto the design.



Using the plan we’ve both agreed on, we’ll finalise the design in a way that is consistent with your company’s brand and colours.

We will also ensure all links are both compelling to click on and are working properly. Rest assured that your newsletters will look good regardless of the device your subscriber uses – be it mobile, tablet, or desktop computer.

We offer one rounds of revisions too, should you require them.


Development and Testing

It’s here that we’ll code your newsletter design in HTML, and integrate it with the email platform of your choice (e.g. MailChimp, Aweber, etc). We will make a point of creating emails that will look good on any platform or email service provider.

At this stage, we’ll test your email newsletters in Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.

Our emails are set up in a way that will allow you to add or change content, which means you can fully manage the process yourself in the future. Otherwise, you can let us update them for you if you’d like to sit back, relax and wait for new customers to get in touch.


Updating Your Newsletter

We’ll supply you with fresh content and new designs each month, and we’ll make sure that each remains true to your brand requirements.


Reporting Results

Once your campaigns are sent out, our email marketing agency team will closely monitor them for you, focusing on key performance indicators to help us measure how effective each marketing message is.

This includes the open rate, the click-through rate, the conversion rate, which links on the email were opened, and lots more. We will interpret the results for you, so you’ll know how this data will impact your overall marketing strategy.

Why Choose Harrison Mann?

You’ve heard what we have to say; now discover what our customers think of our email marketing service:

“The team at Harrison Mann increased my sales with their professionally designed emails! I love how they kept me in the loop every step of the way; it helped ease my worries knowing there’s a team I could trust.” Ben, Flooring Contractor


“I actually didn’t put much thought into email marketing at first, but working with Harrison Mann changed all that. A continued rise in email engagement can do wonders in changing one’s mind.” George, Estate Agent


“We doubled our leads when we started working with Richard and his team. They were able to turn our cold leads into paying customers. Could not be happier with the results.” Cathy, Fashion E-commerce 


“It is an absolute joy working with Richard. He responds in a timely manner and answers any question I throw his way. I’ve actually referred their services to a colleague of mine.” Shelby, Beautician


“Richard designed us a series of emails that looked slick and professional – we’re so pleased with the end product and we’ve seen an increase in business as a result.” Dan, Electrician


“What can I say about Richard and the team? They offered some great insights into the SEO process, and the emails they put together hit the mark. Our communications are now much more consistent in style and tone – the team even helped with content. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service.” Peter, Refrigeration Engineer

“We always receive great advice from Richard and the Harrison Mann team. Thanks to their skills, we now have a set of great-looking e-newsletters, which not only look the part but are filled with good content as well. I’d certainly recommend Richard and the team to anyone looking to make a mark with their online communications.” John, Signage Shop

“We didn’t know much about email marketing before we met Richard and the team – but we’re now experts! And the emails Harrison Mann have designed have been noticed by our customers already! We’ve seen an increase in enquiries and people are commenting that they now read the stuff we send out, instead of sending it to spam!” Bert, Pest Control Company

Our Email Marketing Package

We can create a well-written, beautifully-designed, and expertly-coded email – with 100% responsiveness guaranteed.

If you prefer, we can update and manage your emails month by month. This includes fresh content based on your requirements, as well as a newsletter design in keeping with your brand colours and fonts.

Share Your Ideas with Us

We work with a host of agencies and businesses around the UK on our popular email newsletter design service.

If you need a team of professional online marketers with years of experience up their sleeves, feel free to get in touch today and share your ideas with us. Simply tell our team what you need and we’ll help bring you to closer to your target audience.

Ready to discuss your project?