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Think for a minute or two about the most well-read websites on the internet. The chances are they contain well-written content – because, unless they’re giving away something for free, why else would you visit it?

Good content engages its audience – and that’s precisely what keeps people going back to a particular site. Even pages like Lad Bible on Facebook use well-thought-out captions to entice the reader to click ‘Play’ on an accompanying video.

So, just how do you create such compelling, story-telling content when you’re trying to run a successful business? We know you’ll probably be short of time, which is why we can step in to help.

Offering a host of content marketing and copywriting services, our skilled team of writers is ready to tackle your brief. Whether you’re looking for website content, or some text for a handful of customer emails or e-newsletters, we can help. We can even assist with in-depth blog articles, eBooks, and FAQs.

Don’t be a Slave to Google…

…and you’re not going to be one of them because you know better than to drum up website visitors who may or may not be interested in your product or service. Instead, you need to drum up publicity the right – and sometimes, the harder – way.

We didn’t say you needed to do it yourself, though. Here’s how the Harrison Mann team can help:

  • Website content writing.
  • Blogs.
  • Social media content.
  • eBooks.
  • e-Newsletters.
  • Emails.
  • Banners.
  • Flyers.
  • Posters.

And it doesn’t stop there. We can create seriously good content for a host of platforms, but remember: if you’re writing great articles that people would love to read but you’re not getting the traffic you want, the problem may be that your copywriting just isn’t up to scratch.

Great content does so much more than bring readers to your site; it tells a story and helps build a brand. It’ll also help you connect with your customers, as well as encourage both trust and loyalty.

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Become an Authority in Your Industry

Stand out from your competition by becoming an authority within your industry. Of course, you can do this via a great content marketing agency like ours. We employ a team of skilled copywriters who’ll take your brief and goals and make them into something even better.

Content is the most important part of your website and there’s a reason people say: ‘content is King’. Allow us to make you an authority in your industry by telling your story via the many online platforms you’re on.

We’d like to help you build a connection with your customers here at Harrison Mann, and we understand what it means to write great content for our clients – since we do it almost every day at HQ.

Blog Management

We create and deliver blog posts on a regular basis, pushing them live directly to our clients’ sites. Helping to build brand awareness and trust for your business, our blog management copywriting service may be just the route to go down. Crafting specific content for targeted traffic, this convenient service sees us create new leads for your business.



An essential element of online marketing, copywriting should be your first port of call when creating a new site. We deliver copy for Pay-Per-Click campaigns and city specific landing pages, as well as for web content such as ‘Service’ and ‘About Us’ pages. There’s an art and a science to delivering content that will make someone take action – and once you’ve mastered that, you have a customer (or customers!) for life.


Guest Blogging

Allow us to make links with the right people online via our guest blogging service. The act of typing up a blog post for publication on a website other than your own, guest blogging puts you in front of people who might have otherwise been in the dark about the services you offer, or the products you sell. Helping to spread your brand and its message to a whole new audience, it’ll ensure you gain high-quality links in the process. Building your online reputation and increasing your site visitors, guest blogging could be one of the easiest – and cheapest – things you can do for your brand.

Some Useful Copywriting Stats

Still not convinced great copywriting will benefit your business? Here are some handy stats you need to see:

  • Content marketing is a popular marketing tactic. In the UK, 85% of all marketers and 90% of B2C marketers are investing in content marketing (CMI).
  • Content marketing is proven to get results. 41% of content marketers say they are generating return on investment from their content (
  • When it comes to sharing content, Twitter is the top-rated platform for content marketing distribution; 75% of marketers rate it as effective (CMI).
  • Content marketing needs variation: 60% of marketers prioritise content variety across different channels. The most common are social media, engaging web content, and graphic content such as infographics – 70% of UK marketers now prioritise visual content (CMI).
  • Content marketing is a growing field. Over three quarters (78%) of marketers are creating more content than the previous year. In addition, half of B2C marketers are expecting an increase in their budget for copy (CMI).

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We’ve worked with industry leaders for years, getting to the root of customer needs and provoking action. Allow us to do the same for you, too; simply contact us and we’ll go from there.

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