If you want your business to be noticed, it is essential to make proper use of your website and that’s where our high quality web design services can help. We offer:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Ecommerce sites
  • WordPress sites
  • Mobile and responsive sites
  • Microsites
  • Starter packages
  • Lead generation sites

Website Design

A visitor to your website will make up their mind about your business in seconds. Don’t let them get the wrong impression with an old, uninspiring design. By opting for professional website design services from our trained and experienced team, your business can benefit from a sophisticated look that attracts customers and keeps them on the site.

A professional and user-friendly website design will encourage interest and sales. Users are savvy, and will look for trust signals, an easy browsing experience and won’t hesitate to leave your site if it’s not up to scratch. Harrison Mann’s website designers will make sure your products and services are promoted well and all features and benefits clearly visible.

We take the needs and requirements of your customers and target market into account, and ensure simple and easy navigation through the site as well as an design in-keeping with your industry. Our talented team of web designers ensure your site works for your business, targeting the right audience in order to increase sales.

Website Development

We offer a comprehensive and affordable website development service provided by our top web developers. Our team members have years of experience and undergo regular training in new technologies and software. Whether you need web development for a single page website, or a complex website with internet-based applications, Harrison has the right developers for the job.

Before you start a web development project with us, you need to consider a few things:

  • The technologies to be used
  • Future-proofing your development so it is durable and fit for purpose
  • The use of a back-end system (CMS) to allow you to make content changes in-house
  • The requirements / functionality that you require from your website

Our talented team will take these into account when working on the development of your website. We provide completely bespoke development for all our clients to ensure that your website works for your business and is easy to maintain and use.

Ecommerce Websites

An eCommerce website is an online shop that sells products. There is a lot of technical knowledge needed for eCommerce website design and at Harrison Mann, we have experts in online shop design to give you an online store that is simple to use for your customers.

Good eCommerce website designs can increase sales and make your business more profitable. Our web designers are able to produce functional and user-friendly eCommerce designs that deliver results. We have plenty of experience in online shop design and can come up with a great site for your products, which will help turn visitors into sales.

You need an eCommerce store that will impress potential customers with great design, obvious trust signals and is easy to navigate. You also need a design that will promote your products attractively, give you the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell in order to maximise sales. We will also build in a powerful and user-friendly management system so that you can easily keep on top of stock, orders and promotions.

CMS (WordPress) Websites

A website powered by a content management system (CMS) means it’s quick to build, flexible in the features it offers and lets you update the copy, images and other content yourself. You can also write and manage a company blog easily using a CMS.

We offer a CMS as standard on all web design projects. Based on years of experience building websites using different systems, we’ll choose the right CMS for your needs, or we can develop a bespoke platform if your project needs it.

WordPress CMS websites

WordPress is extremely versatile, which is why it’s so widely used around the world. Pages can be add easily to the site, as well as managing your own in-house, which result in lower costs and an easy way to keep visitors updated with relevant news and advice. The simplicity of WordPress means it’s the CMS of choice at Harrison Mann.

Managing content

WordPress allows our clients to easily manage content with confidence, but for extra peace of mind we offer a monthly package where we take care of the amends, improvements and updates to your website, starting at £99 per month.

Mobile & Responsive Websites

With almost half of UK internet users going online via their mobile phone, having a mobile-optimised website is now becoming the norm (data from 2011, Office of National Statistics).

Mobile web design

Your customers want to see your website looking as good as possible when they’re accessing it from their mobile phone. Sites that aren’t adapted for the smaller screen, or for touchscreens, are fiddly to use and can be annoying.

We offer a bespoke mobile website design service so that your site is simple to use on a mobile and keeps your customers up to date when they’re out the office.

Responsive web design

A responsive website design means that your website looks great on any size of screen or portable device (including iPad, iPad Mini, laptop and computer screen). It means users don’t have to scroll, resize, pan or tilt to see the content properly.

Our designers create websites that are completely adaptable and change according to the device that the viewer is using - without them having to do anything.

Lead Generation Websites

Our lead generation website design service is used by companies to encourage users to call or make an email enquiry through the site. These leads are directed to your customer service or sales team to convert, and therefore the site plays an important role in your business. These websites need to talk to the customer in the right way so they’re compelled to get in touch – this takes skill, expert marketing knowledge and quality SEO web design.

We use our skills in SEO web design to create you a lead generation website that is effective, so that every week you’re seeing hot leads in your inbox and on the phone. You won’t get leads unless your website can be found easily, so it’s important to use the right SEO techniques to ensure that the people who want or need your service or product can find you through Google and other search engines.

Starter Website Packages

If you’re just starting out in business then you’ll be looking for an affordable startup business website. Our website starter packages are just right for the job: professionally-designed, quick to get online and will be able to grow as your company does.

Our starter packages include an appropriate domain name, a basic website and hosting. We’ll also set you up with a business email address to allow contact from your website.

Your bespoke startup business website will include your company logo and colour scheme so it’s instantly recognisable to your customers. We incorporate the latest SEO techniques so that each site is able to be found easily by the right people. The starter packages are ideal for startup and small businesses, we’ve helped hundreds of people get their website up and running.

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