PPC Trends that Financial Services Companies Should Leverage

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In today’s tough economy, financial services brands will need to strategise carefully and make the most of available tools to reach out to and engage customers. Here are four trends that are expected to drive the market in 2012:

Emphasis on quality over quantity

Online applications are a good way for consumers not to face a personal credit rejection and stay anonymous. Brands are looking for methods in which they can find high quality and profitable consumers rather than just concentrating on the cost per application.

Quality customers involved in cross-selling additional products can be targeted by customised experiences depending on a deeper research on keywords into tail terms that describe the content. The right customers can be identified by tying customer activity data back to a keyword.

Integrated digital campaigns

People have the option of searching on devices, websites, social and apps nowadays. The number of choices has increased, as have the places wherein brands can be found to attain success. A study shows that consumers of banking products use 10.8 sources of info on an average before purchasing something, while 11.7 sources are being used for insurance. Consumers’ digital touchpoints must be tied together through attribution in order to better understand how their decisions of purchase are being made.

Targeting mobile traffic

Mobile traffic has been increasing at a rapid pace each year. Companies offering financial services will have to take advantage of the trend by breaking out operations to target OS and mobile specifically. A mobile-specific experience is what customers will be looking for, from keyword, to landing pages. These expectations are to be met if the brand is to grow. The use of smartphones can also be very helpful.

Making the switch to tablets

Tablets are usually considered to be somewhat like smartphones. However, the only major similarities between the two are that their growth is taking place at a rapid pace and they are not like the desktops. Many brands are expected to move to tablets this year and will look to optimize them in a unique manner. For the companies that provide financial services, this serves as the best place to evaluate consumer quality while setting a unique CPA on the basis of consumer demographics.

There is no dearth of tools that financial services companies big and small can leverage to engage more people and enhance customer experience. PPC strategies have the potential to yield better results than traditional marketing tools while offering cost benefits as well.

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